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Incense Waterfall
Incense Waterfall
Incense Waterfall

Incense Waterfall

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Stress & Anxiety Relief, Promotes Deep Healing Sleep, Mental Calmness, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

The 3 Simple Steps to
Melt the Stress Away
- Watch How

Protect Yourself
from Stress and
Anxiety with the
Healthiest Ingredients on Earth

Unlike Ordinary Incense, Which Use Sawdust and other Fillers, Incense Waterfall Infuses 100% Pure Essential Oils into Every Cone

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment that uses specific aromatic scents to improve psychological and physical well-being.

Why Millions Keep
Raving About
Incense Waterfall’s
Natural Stress
Relieving Effects

Because We Only Use Scents
That Are Backed By Science
and Proven to Relieve Stress
and Heal The Body

How Incense
Waterfall Has
Helped 2 Million
People Naturally
Relieve Stress

Watch How the Smoke
Gently Flows and Feel
it Melt Away Your Stress

Struggling to Sit
Still and Relax
When Meditating?
No Problem!

Frankincense is Known for
its Ability to Quickly Ground
the Mind, Body, and Soul,
Making Meditation
Quick & Easy

Turn Your Regular
Yoga Class into a
Blissful Experience

Bright Uplifting Scent of
Orange, Aromatherapy Cones
are the Perfect Addition for
Your Yoga Classes

Sleep Using Incense
Waterfall to Fall
Asleep Faster &

Using Chamomile 1 Hour Before Bed Reduces the Time it Takes to Fall Asleep and Increases the Amount of Quality Sleep

A Report By The
Sleep Council Found
That a Deep Night's
Sleep Makes You:


Did You Know
Lavender Has Been
Proven to Be the
Fastest Natural
Remedy to Reduce

A Rare Property in Lavender
helps quiet the brain and
nervous system by actively
reducing agitation, anger
and restlessness.


Relax and Unwind

Decrease anxiety by lighting
some Incense, curling up
on the sofa with a cup of tea,
a book and your favorite music.

Watch How The
Incense Waterfall
Enhances Your
Calm While
Purifying The Air

Get Our Variety Pack
of Cones for Free

Every Order Comes With 10
Free Cones Which Includes All
of Our Scents

New & Improved
Incense Cones
Last 8 Times Longer

Incense Waterfall’s
New Cones Last
Up to 25 Minutes

All-Natural Cones
Do Not Contain
Any Chemicals

Incense Waterfall Cones
Are Safe To Use Around
Your Furry Little Friend

Every Incense
Waterfall is
Carefully Handcrafted
From Our Beautiful
Porcelain in Nepal

Add More Cones to
Your Order And
Select Cone Refill
Options After

People Love
Incense Waterfall

Incense Waterfall
Has an Over 95%
Satisfaction Rating -
See What People
Love Most

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This is the biggest
crisis in history

Kurt Hansen. image description Verified Buyer
New York, New York, USA - 9/2/2020
Sleep Better Then Ever

This took my sleping to the next level. I don’t wake up as often during the night and I’m able to stay asleep longer. I always look for sleep aids like this one and test them before reviewing. I used this for a while now and it has for sure improved my sleep. I recommend to anyone who needs help falling asleep and staying asleep the whole night. Great product.

Melissa Cummings. image description Verified Buyer
Houston, Texas, USA - 9/1/2020
Very Zen

I’ve gotten into things to help me stay calm. My work life is very stressful and hectic and I have this in my office. When I need extra calming environment, I use this. Since it’s flameless, I can use it in my office. Ask before you take it into work, but my boss okayed it. It helps me destress after meetings or get into focus when leading up to a meeting with an important client. – Levi Romero Gorgeous Statement Piece – This is beyond beautiful. I ordered this hoping it would be as beautiful in person as it looked on the screen. I was not disappointed. This is beautifully glazed and the smoke descends in a stairstep fashion that looks so soothing. It’s like a painting that came to life. I can sit and watch it for hours.

Lamar Richards. image description Verified Buyer
Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 8/31/2020
Smells So Good!

My wife and I love candles. Anything that makes our house smell like a palace, basically. We decided to give this a try and see how it worked. We waited initially for a little bit to get the scent but after a while it filled the entire room where we placed it. We like this more than candles now thanks to no open flame. We keep this going throughout the day and our house is filled with beautiful scents.

Kent Gill. image description Verified Buyer
Chicago, Illinois, USA - 8/29/2020
More Rested

Like many people, I have problems sleeping at night. I don’t like taking sleep aids because they make me feel weird when I wake up. I try essential oils and they work well but I thought about this, too. I ordered it figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try. The first night I noticed deeper sleep. I wake up much more rested now and feeling better, too. No side effects like the medicines. I love this and will keep using it. Great product.

Miranda Benson. image description Verified Buyer
Los Angeles, California, USA - 8/28/2020
Does What it says

I saw an add for this and wasnt sure if it would work like it said. Im pretty skeptical of these typs of products but I decided to give it a try. It does what it says. Helps me feel relaxed and soothing. I use it every night to relax me and each morning to start my day. I like how it looks and its pretty. I don’t have asian items in my house but it still works. Its nice and if you are thinking about getting it I say try it.

Dolores Weber.. image description Verified Buyer
Jacksonville, Florida, USA - 8/27/2020
Improves Environment

I work in a massage parlour and my clients always comment about how calm and peaceful the environment is and how good it smells. What’s my secret? This! I purchased this to replace candles and complement my essential oil diffuser. I love diffusers but I wanted something that visually improved my room, as well. I put this on a shelf where my clients can see it and they always comment on how good it smells before they notice it and how beautiful it looks when I show them where the scent is coming from. I’m thinking of getting one for my masseuse friends.

Ignacio Davis. image description Verified Buyer
San Antonio, Texas, USA - 8/26/2020
Lightening Fast Delivery

Okay, so life is crazy, right? All this talk about the virus and lockdown and all of a sudden I can’t leave my house for a month. I’m like, nope. I need something to keep me in my happy place. There’s so much that’s awful. So I see this and think, okay sure why not. This looks like it could contribute to me finding a place of peace with all the chaos. I buy it, thinking I won’t get it for weeks and weeks because of the pandemic. Nope! Boom. It arrives at my door faster than I imagined. I love it. it helps me stay happy.

Dexter Reyes. image description Verified Buyer
San Diego, California, USA - 8/25/2020
Smells So Good

So I totally got this as a gift exchange at work. I’m so glad I did! This thing smells so good. I just set it and forget it in my bedroom. Sometimes I put it in my living room when I have people over. It makes the whole room smell great. Friends always comment on how good my house smells. This is a keeper for sure.

Jackie Valdez. image description Verified Buyer
Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 8/24/2020
Natural Stress Relief

I am big into all thing natural, organic, chemical free. I ditched scented plug-ins years ago and don’t even use many candles unless they’re soy based with essential oils. I use aromatherapy for stress. I majorly stress out over life so anything to help that is a win for me. This definitely does the trick! It’s soothing, smells great, and most importantly, provides all natural stress relief! I love it

Vickie Jennings. image description Verified Buyer
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA - 8/24/2020
Anxiety Fighter

If you deal with anxiety like me, then you know how frustrating it can be. You just want to enjoy your life without getting plagues with thoughts of doom and destruction. Axietiy is like a stress fest for me. Hate it. My mom saw an advertisement for this and suggested I try it. Honestly, I was really skeptical. But I tried it and you know what, my anxiety decreased! This really does work. Thanks mom!

Ryan Fleming. image description Verified Buyer
Portland, Oregon, USA - 8/23/2020
Happier Overall

You want to know what good sleep does for you? It makes you happy. AT least, that’s what it does for me. When I don’t get good sleep, I’m a cranky monster. Just ask my girlfriend. She got this for me and insisted I try it. I didn’t use it for a month. She came over and started it for me and I had the best sleep of my life. Talk about waking up happy! I don’t go to bed without this now.

Scott Rodriguez. image description Verified Buyer
Denver, Colorado, USA - 8/22/2020
Worth It

Wasn’t sure if this would be worth it or would even work. I figured I’d give it a try since I saw it was featured in the Atlantic. It works! It helps me sleep and keeps me relaxed. Whenever I’m stressed out, I set it going and just stare as the smoke creates an artistic waterfall. It helps reduce my stress levels. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. So glad I gave this a try.

Sara Wood. image description Verified Buyer
Seattle, Washington, USA - 8/21/2020
Perfect for Yogis

My fellow yogis, this is something you need. I bought this for my yoga studio to help myself and my clients relax and focus during our workouts. The peaceful waterfall is ideal to create a sense of serenity. The scents that come with it are also great for focusing our minds. I use it all the time now and my clients will remind me if it’s not in use when our session starts.

Ernesto Gilbert. image description Verified Buyer
Dallas, Texas, USA - 8/20/2020
Smells Good for a Long Time

Like other reviewers have mentioned, this product makes your whole house smell good. Whatever room you place it in smells heavenly and the scent drifts out to other rooms as well. It lasts a long time, which is the best thing in my opinion. I love incense and this is such a fun way of adding incense to my home. Love how it makes me feel thanks to the scents calming feel.

Velma Patrick. image description Verified Buyer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - 8/19/2020
Much Better Sleep

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well I’m definitely an old dog – 89 this year! – but I learned a new trick. My granddaughter purchased this for me thinking it would help me sleep. I have horrible sleep problems. I think too much I guess. She set this up and showed me how it works. I get much better sleep now and I use it every night. I learned something new this year – the power of incense to help me sleep.